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Written by Larry O'Connor

Closing Note on the PCMNO Elections

Congratulations to President Gary Lipinski and all who won during the recent elections to Provisional Council of the Métis Nation of Ontario. It was an exciting time and certainly engaged Métis citizens from every region in Ontario. As I travelled the province, I had the good fortune to meet many wonderful Métis people.  While not able to win the position I had sought, I was able to make many new friendships.  Thank you to all my supporters and especially those that signed my nomination papers.

The election process seemed to be full of concerns and an appeal for a new election wouldn’t surprise me. I'm not sure that an appeal would be good for the Métis Nation of Ontario in the short term but the election process does require a full review and many changes.

After the last municipal election process and I don't think I have the heart to appeal the election process (as much as it should be). As you may recall I was re-elected Mayor in the last municipal election, yet still found myself resigning from office because of a protracted court process and I am still paying on the loan for legal bills today. 

I might say that I plan to retire but it might be better said that I will take a sabbatical from politics. I am still an active member of the Canadian National Exhibition Executive Board and Foundation in Toronto; that will keep me busy and entertained. Certainly, I will be pleased to spend some time with my family at this year’s EX.

My recent appointment to the College of Early Childhood Educators also presents a new interest and challenge outside of electoral politics. I have expressed an interest to serve on the Standards of Practice Committee. That committee will advise the Council of the College on the development of a code of ethics and standards of practice for members of the College that demonstrate a respect for diversity and a sensitivity to the multicultural character of the Province. This may include a consultation process in connection with the code of ethics and standards of practice for members of the College.

With the election behind us now, I call on Métis Nation of Ontario citizens to support the Provisional Council as they move forward for the next four years.  We will have an opportunity to speak directly to those elected at this year’s Annual General Assembly in August being held in Sault Ste. Marie.  The PCMNO must now move forward to ensure that our distinct historic Métis Aboriginal Rights are respected by other levels of government.


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